08/02/2016 – Mehadash-Some Pimp (2016)

This is one of those releases that as soon as you hear it you immediately like it, yet you have no idea what it’s all about. The opening track בבי בבילון or Bubby Babylon starts with an infectious guitar and bass combo, as the song progresses it gets slower and then faster. It sounds like a Klezmer band interpreting a Clash track from their debut, but without the feedback and distortion. Bubby Babylon bounces along you get drawn into it. Track two כמה זה עולה AKA How Much Is It, has a dancey beat and spikey guitar riff. This propels the music and keeps it twisting the turning until it’s logical conclusion. הלם קרב AKA Shell Shock sounds like the Kooks, but don’t worry, due to the Israeli influence it doesn’t end up like a turgid mess. The vocals are heart felt and I feel generally moved. Next up is אהבה ללילה AKA Love Night which follows on form Shell Shock. Laid back guitars and vocals are backed by incessant drumming. Its ok, but not the best track on the EP. קצת ערס Some Pimp closes the EP. This is far more ‘funky’ and the Hammond organ makes it sound a bit like the James Taylor Quartet. This is one of the strongest tracks on the EP and closes the set in fine form!



What is understated about this EP is the audience. Apart from a little bit of interaction at the end of each song, you never hear them throughout the set, which is guess is either down to the recording techniques or cultural differences between British/American audiences and Israeli.



Ultimately I hope these aren’t some propaganda songs exulting the benefits of carpet bombing swaths of the West Bank. I really really hope it’s not about that…
















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