07/02/2016 – SULK-The Tape of You (2016)

What happens when you mix introspected lyrics with burgeoning soundscapes? SULK, that’s what!



London’s indie pop quintet SULK have been a bit quiet since their 2013 debut album Graceless. After finishing off touring duties they took a brief break and then high tailed it to Ramsgate to start work on their follow up No Illusions. Recorded in Big Jelly studios, originally a Neo-Gothic church, they enlisted Graceless’ mixer Jonas Verwijnen to produce. This was a wise move as No Illusions builds on Graceless’ sound, but also moves everything on.



This newly expanded sound is prevalent in comeback single The Tape of You. Mixing elements of classic British singer songwriter pop, Britpop, alt-rock and a slice of prog. The harmonies are buoyant and full of the exhilaration you only have when you are young and doing things on your own terms. The riffs and rhythm section are thunderous. They put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. Oh and in places it’s catchy as hell!



Whether you’re into revivalists or bands that conjure up a time that never really existed SULK have expertly crafted a delicious slice of nostalgia that doesn’t leave you feeling a bit sick. They’re under no illusions as to whether or not they’ll hit the big time, but they’re going to have a good time trying!
















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