06/02/2016 – NY*AK-Dollar (2016)

NY*AK start to gear things up for his new EP on Technicolour Recordings



After a seemingly inauspicious start to 2016 Technicolour Recordings are getting set to release Newcastle’s NY*AK’s new EP Dollar. Like with all previous Technicolour releases Dollar will be released on 12”, and like all previous releases it packs a massive punch.



Hard rhythmic beats are juxtaposed with lyrical synths and high pitch tweaks all underpinned by a groove based bassline. Dollar is interspersed with vocals samples and free flowing vocals. At first these vocals feel slightly out of place, but after a few listens you being to realise that if they weren’t there Dollar would just be another low tempo track. When all of these elements are combined Dollar sounds like a Herbie Hancock remix via Detroit, the Motor City.



Dollar is officially released 11th March on Technicolour Recordings
















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