05/02/2016 – Thor Rixon-Monogamy (2016)

Thor Rixon Creates a gentle giant on new single



Some songs get into your head. Others get into you psyche. South Africa’s Thor Rixon’s latest offering, Monogamy, is the latter. It’s hard to actually explain in great detail what makes Monogamy so amazing. I know I like it, and I know it’s good, but apart from



The layered round faux-panpipe intro just keeps building and building and building and building until you think “This can’t be the whole song right?” and then it breaks, but instead of it being this balls to the wall beast, it cuts it all back and this hypnotically melodic song emerges. This then starts to suck you in slowly, through clever orchestration and production. At about the half way point it’s pointless to resist. Like Darth Vader to the Darkside. It owns you, toys with you and ultimately throws you aside when it’s finished. The vocal “Yeah Monogamy” is so simple, but it says so much. Just like when Ernest Hemingway wrote “For Sale: Baby shoes, never worn”. You know exactly what has happened, but you don’t need to be told the horrible story. Monogamy is exactly the same, but if feel far more euphoric and uplifting. Then you get a nagging feeling to play it again. Which you do and the whole cycle starts again…



Throughout its five and a half minute duration Monogamy is showcases why Rixon is making a name for himself internationally and how he continues to create and release forward thinking music for an every growing fan base! This is a song not only to embrace, but to share. So what are you waiting for!
















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