04/02/2016 – FUR-One and Twenty (2016)

Brighton’s FUR reference the past while showing the future



What’s better than going to a gig to see a band you like? Going to a gig to see a band you like, but the support band blows you away and they’re all you can think about the next day. This is what happened last night.



Jimmy Whispers was playing at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar in Brighton. thisyearinmusic decided to head down as Post Heather were also on the bill. However instead of being blown away by Post Heather and Whispers is was the opening band that set the bar so high the others only just cleared it.



One of the stand out tracks was One and Twenty. Sounding like Alex Turner covering a Matt Monro classic, basically it’s a slow burner but by the half way mark it incinerates everything it touches with a flourish of cascading guitar riffs and melancholy rhythm section. It was mesmerising!



The only real downside with FUR is that when their songs start you know exactly why they wrote it. This isn’t a bad thing, but you get the impression that they’ve gone through their collective music collections and picked out songs they liked and tried to write songs in the same vein, either lyrically or musically. Their overall sound is that of the Brian Jonestown Massacre covering jangly R.E.M. songs from the 80’s from while Alex Turner sings. This isn’t a bad thing and it keep you on your toes, even if one of the songs sounded a bit too much like The Fratellis for our linking…



FUR show their influences a bit too much, and hopefully they’ll grow stronger and most confident in their song writing as the year goes one, but with songs as good as these, what’s wrong with that from time to time?
















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  1. Barbara said:

    Good times! It ‘s so cool to hear an unexpected sound from a new band.

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