03/02/2016 – Patti Yang-Black Box (2016)

Polish Patti Yang looks set to make 2016 her own!



Remember Patti Yang. This is a name you’ll be hearing a lot of this year. Not only has Yang just released just release the lead single from her debut album, Black Box, but the album was produced by Chris Rotter, Matty Skylab and thisyearinmusic’s favourite Jagz Kooner. If this isn’t a reason to get excited we don’t know what is! The album was recorded between London and California and encompasses Yang’s love of electronic music, punk and everything else in-between.



“My Black Box turns to gold!” Patti Yang sings as euphoric synths, divisive bass and woozy beats swirl around her. As Black Box progresses the music gets harder and more abrasive, until a delicious outro that brings to mind Phuture and other Roland 303 bothers.



As if Black Box isn’t enough, there is a rumour that one of the albums producers, will furnish a remix. The producer in question is Jagz Kooner. Kooner has remixed some of the biggest and most influential songs over the years and we are chomping at the bit to hear his remix!
















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  1. Nicole said:

    Hadn’t heard of her. Thanks for sharing! I like discovering new music.

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