02/02/2016 – Yuck-Cannonball (2016)

Yuck announce their new album and release their most cohesive singles to date!



Yuck return with new single Cannonball, taken from their third album Stranger Things, released on Mamé Record on 23rd February. After a first listen Cannonball has a striking severity that hankers to their self-titled debut, but there is a constant melody that stops it from being an abrasive dim and a slice manic pop majesty, comes from their 2013 followed Glow and Behold. This amalgam makes Cannonball Yuck’s most cohesive and immediate single to date.



Stranger Things was recorded in London over the space of a few months last year, and the city can be heard throughout Cannonball’s two and a half minutes. The production conjures up a dense cacophonous feeling, and the constant flux and movement of the bass and drums shadows that of the millions who live and move about the city daily. The album itself was recorded at front man’s Max Bloom’s parent’s house, where the first album was recorded. This feeling of return, or things going full circle is mirrored in the sound, but lyrically things have progressed and Bloom and co appear to have something important to say.



As this is one the first songs released from the album, we’ll have to wait until next month to see how it all pans out, but after this initial run of songs, we should all start to make a Yuck shaped hole in our lives to digest the album fully. Some strange things are on the horizon, but they’re also exciting, as all the best things are!
















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  1. Kathy said:

    Will definitely take a listen! Thanks!

  2. This would be a pleasant listen for me – I don’t think I would pay money for it, though.. Interesting choice of band name.

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