01/02/2016 – Guzzy Bowen-Grandeur (2016)

Dark techno, bright future!



You can hear the dull throb from behind the closed door as you approach the club. The queue isn’t too bad, but it’ll still take a few minutes to get in. Eventually after an age, mere moments, it’s your turn to pay the entrance fee, smile at the doorman and you’re in. Everything goes into some weird slo-mo montage from a crap film about over privileged kids who get wasted on the weekends as you walk through the doors and toward the bar. But then it hits you. The heat, acrid smell of sweat and spilt alcohol. After a few moments you know it’ll pass, but until then you wish you could still smoke in clubs, to cover all this up. As you wait patiently at the bar, while the guy next to you awkwardly tries to chat up the barmaid, even though she can’t hear him, you start to become aware of the music. At first it’s a slight tap of your foot on the bar’s rail. Then a modest banging of you knee to the bar’s tiled frontage. Eventually you’re tapping your head and nodding slowly. Partying so the bar staff will hopefully make you out from the others waiting their turn, and partly because the music is getting a-hold on you.



While I’ve never heard Guzzy Bowen’s music in a club, this is what I’d imagine would happen after hearing the opening strains of Grandeur, the main track from Bowen’s new EP The Dark Place. While nothing majorly exciting happens, it does evoke a certain emotions. Constant 4/4 beats and broody synths conjure up early Dave Clarke, pre-Skint, and how the thought that it could all be let loose at any moment and consume you in a wall of ear bleeding techno is far more exciting and interesting than if the break did actually come. The rest of The Dark Place follows this pattern. Each track slowly progresses, Beat #8 especially, following the line of production to its logical conclusion before going back to the start and doing it slightly different. Download bonus track Sordid Synths ends the EP as Grandeur started it, with hints of malice and confusion all backed by a solid 4/4 behind it.



Bowen is still young and relatively new to the music buying public, but it appears as he might have the potential to release something very exciting over the next few years. This is definitely one to watch!














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