31/01/2016 – Over Sands-Gyroscope (2016)

Over Sands release a video for stand-out track Gyroscope!



After the critical success of their debut self-titled EP, Over Sands have finally released a video for its standout track Gyroscope. Like the music, the video is a lurid experience that skews, contorts and alters it course throughout its duration. Starting deep in a luscious forest and ending on a desolate beach it tells an emotive and almost parable tales. Musically though its slightly more straight forward as glimmering guitars nestle with meandering and nomadic synths all the while underpinned by pelting drums and beatific vocals. Combined it creates an outright joy for the ears and eyes.
















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1 comment
  1. I like the combination of the video with the music. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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