30/01/2016 – Hunck-Up in the Sky (2016)

Hunck have unveiled their strongest release to date



Those guitar bothering types in Hunck have unveiled their strongest release to date with the Never Had a Dream EP. Consisting of four tracks full of forward thinking woozy indie pop it bubbles along, ever quite breaking a sweat, but looking amazing.



Opening track I’ll Wait takes their melancholic blueprint, but juxtaposes them with jangly surf-esque guitars and a driving rhythm section. After a single listen you feel the urge to play it again, and again. Lyrics like “I’m tired of dreaming of hell, can’t even look at myself, but I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, until I’m someone else” and “I’ve been drinking all night, but I’ve been smoking alright, but I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, and I’ll Wait, Til I know I’m fine” show a tongue in cheek and sardonic take on self-help and nights out. This is Hunck’s real power, their ability to show us society in a self-deprecating mirror, while giving us something to dance along to.



So Far So Deep is a slow burning three minutes of indie pop greatness, showing that less certainly does deliver more. So Far So Deep is crammed full of melody and pathos that it takes a few listens to penetrate its core. After this has happened, you experience luscious, gooey production that is hard to extract from your ears. The lyrics, like I’ll Wait have a slight existential twist to it, never at the expense of songs central theme.



Title track Never Had a Dream as an intro that sounds like a slower reimagined version of Pulp’s classic Sorted for E’s and Wizz. The lyrics are a mixture of So Far, So Deep and I’ll Wait. They are full of longing and remorse, but at the same time there is that spiked deprecating spirit that give Hunck’s songs an edge over their peers.



Never Had a Dream cements Hunck’s position at the forefront of the indie-pop revolution that is sweeping live venues and headphones throughout the country. There is a rumour that they are working on a debut album, that looks set to be a must have item when its finally released. Their brand of clever wordplay and vibrant melodies means that we’ll be hearing more from this bunch of hunck’s for a long time to come!

















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  1. I like the melody of this song! Thanks for introducing so many new styles through your blog.

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