28/01/2016 – My Cruel Goro-Lost E (2016)

My Cruel Goro return with new single



Last year My Cruel Goro released their debut EP. It was a short sharp affair that never really deviated from a 4/4 beat, fuzzed guitars and a shouty vocal. This was fine, who doesn’t love that from time to time? The problem was that was about it. There wasn’t much else going on.



They’ve now returned with new song Lost E. On one hand it’s another balls to the wall, foot all the way to the floor and other clichés that always get thrown about then a band plays fast and hard. But just like their self-titled EP that’s it. I was hoping for some key change, shift in tempo, or anything else to break up the 4/4 beat, fuzzed guitars and shouty vocals, or a hint that they were more than a one trick pony. But alas no. That being said, clocking in at two minutes, there probably isn’t a great deal they could do to alter the course of the song.



Basically this sounds like Kelly Jones fronting Ash for a Ramones cover. That’s it. No sugar coating or dressing it up. But come on, even the Ramones changed things a bit on their albums….

















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  1. I think my husband, who enjoys “hard rock”, would like this. It’s short, it’s driving. For him, that’s all that he needs.

  2. Barbara said:

    O.K. thoughtful review, Nick. Enjoy your weekend.

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