27/01/2016 – Two White Cranes-Unattached (2016)

Two White Cranes kicks off Art is Hard’s 2016 Singles Club in style!



When you look back at 2015, what are your fond memories? Luckily 2015 was great got everyone one at thisyearinmusic, but one thing that we all looked forward to, was the new instalment in Art is Hard’s Hand Cut Record Club. Those square lathe cut pieces of plastic really made the dark months worthwhile. Part of the appeal and thrill was not knowing what was coming next and hoping you didn’t miss out on a release.



They’ve now returned and this year’s single club looks set to be even more elaborate and lo-fi. This year Art is Hard have decided to go for pin badges, which they’ve aptly named the “Pin Pal Club”. The first instalment comes from Two White Cranes. Last year Roxy Brennan was pretty busy touring and putting out an album with her day job band Joanna Gruesome, an album with her side project Grubs, and lending vocals to Trust Fund, as well as the second Two White Cranes album.



Somehow she’s found time to record Unattached the inaugural Pin Pal Club. As expected its pretty lo-fi, just Brennan’s voice and a guitar, but its chocked full of charm and melody. The longer you listen to the more hypnotic it becomes!



You can either buy the pins you want each month or you can subscribe to the whole thing for £45. We know what we’re going to do!
















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