26/01/2016 – Vôdûn-Legba’s Feast (2016)

Vôdûn look set to take us on an Afrofuturism-Rock-Infused journey back to the cradle of Humankind. Kind of…



Chantal Brown has, musically, been around the block. If you can think of it, she’s lent her vocals to it. Originally in nine piece rock-popera group Do Me Bad Things, they almost made it big, but it wasn’t to be. Despite being better than label mates The Darkness, it never quite clicked, and despite some fantastic singles and a strong album the spotlight dimmed a bit. She returned with some solo stuff, guest vocals with The Qemists and the Lady Chann single on Toddla T’s Girls Music. But like the proverbial phoenix she has risen from those ashes and has returned with another project and sound!



Vôdûn are a power trio that make a hybrid of fuzzed out Afrofuturism heavy rock, with prog leanings, all underpinned with magic and religion. You know like if Black Sabbath had been produced by Sun Ra! Vôdûn have recorded an album Possession, with producer of the moment Tom Dalgety, which is due out in March through Riff Rock Records. Lead single Legba’s Feast tells us everything we need to know. It’s heavy, fast rhythm and guitar just about keep up with Brown’s soaring vocals.



Like with everything, there are downsides however. There isn’t enough variety to Legba’s Feast. Yes the riffs are excellent and the rhythm section does a great job underpinning everything, but at times it feels like Vôdûn are just using their loudness to mask this problem. That being said when it needs to let rip it does and it’s enjoyable to listen to.



As there are less than eight weeks until Possession is released, it’s safe to say we’ll be hearing more from this power trio!

















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