25/01/2016 – Mr. Dan-Firewater (2016)

Producer extraordinaire steps form behind the mixing desk



Dan Carey should need no introduction, and I’m not going to give him one. However for the fifteenth release in the illustrious Speedy Wunderground series Carey has stepped from behind the mixing desk and his Swarmatron to become an artist in his own right. The track in question is called Firewater. Throughout its two and a half minute duration, Firewater slowly jerks and throbs while nubilous roily beats churn everything up. This is the musical version of when a speed boat starts its engine to close to shore and all the silt and mud get mixed together and you can’t see the bottom.



If this isn’t enough, it features Detroit veteran Guilty Simpson on vocals. Simpson, like Carey, Simpson needs no introduction. His back catalogue it nigh on flawless, but this collobration almost never happened. When Carey had finished the track he set it to Simpson. “There was no way I thought I’d get a reply.” Carey said recently. But Simpson didn’t just reply, he delivered immaculate rhymes that when coupled with the music took Firewater to another level. Firewater has a touch of UNKLE with Kool G. Rap to it. Which is basically just the icing on the cake or the ice in the firewater…



Firewater is released on 26th February, but as usual there are only 150 of the buggers, so if you want one, better get on the pre-order now, or forever hold your piece.
















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