23/01/2016 – PARKGOLF-Silk Curtain (2016)

PARKGOLF delivers another par round with latest single on Activia Benz



Sometimes it feels like each week there is a new genre on the block. Seapunk, Elevatorchill, Gitchpop and Retrofuturism have all yielded fantastic results in recent years. Once such genre that appears to be having a slight renaissance is Vaporwave. For those of you not in the know Vaporwave is an offshoot, Chillwave, but with a few subtle differences. Vaporwave is basically obsessed with retro video games, technology and incorporates jazz and lounge into its compositions. Samples are also used, but they are usually chopped, glitched and pitched either up, or down, to create something that sounds futuristic, but also keeps it retro.



Last year PARKGOLF released the album Par, through Day Tripper Records. Glitchy beats merged with woozy synths and inspired production to create a vaporwave classic. Now PARKGOLF has returned with Silk Curtain, another slab that shows his credentials as not just a producer, but as an arrangers too. As the title suggests it has the texture of silk, but a silk curtain billowing in the wind. There is a fragility to this, and at times it feels that if the bass was heavier it would be destroyed, but luckily this doesn’t happen and PARKGOLF’s deft touch means that everything sounds like liquid silk poured around you.



Let’s hope it isn’t long before PARKGOLF releases the follow up to Par, as it appears he’s got a prodigious talent and the Midas Touch!


















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