21/01/2016 – Viola Beach-Boys that Sing (2016)

Warrington’s Viola Beach have a lot to live up to, luckily they’ve great songs, so everything should be alright



Hype bands are one of the banes of my life. That and seagulls the size of small dogs. The problem with hype bands is once they’ve been hyped they can never be unhyped. They will forever be linked, in your mind and being, to all the hyperbole that you first read/heard about them. Occasionally however one will release a song, off the back of the hype, that gives you hope. That has just happened.



The band in question are Warrington’s Viola Beach. Their latest single Boys that Sing is a slice of indie pop that puts a spring in your step, a smile on your face and a twinkle in your eye. What grabs you first is the jaunty drum beat couple with sun drenched guitar riffs. Next up it’s Kris Leonard’s optimistic leaden vocals, that lead into a catchy as chorus. Then, after a delightful instrumental break, then it’s another chorus that leans slightly into surrealism, but not enough to get a daft tash and mongoose for a pet. The rest of the song follows this pattern until its logical conclusion.



At times Boys that Sing sounds like a calypso cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit due to the simplicity of the rhymes and some slightly abstract imagery. This is a good thing as it shows that Viola Beach have a sense of humour! It’s refreshing to see a hyped band release something that isn’t just good and catchy, which it is, but its tongue is pressed firmly in his cheek. What’s not to like?

















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  1. Very nice music. I love fun songs that make me smile. and this one left me feeling very upbeat.

  2. What a delightful song. Very catchy and loads of fun. I think that my Zumba teacher should add this song to her playlist. I want to dance to it.

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