19/01/2016 – Coosbay-Why Do I (2016)

Coosbay get us excited about their future possibilities with debut song



I’m transfixed. I can’t really explain what it is, but Coosbay have me. Whether it’s the luscious harmonies, sparse production, questioning lyrics or how the second half sounds like Orange Can, its captivated me like little else has recently. But as I sit here listening to it again for the twelfth time on repeat, it’s starting to dawn on me, yes it is all of the above and another countless number of things I haven’t worked out yet, but will strike me between the eyes in the coming days.



What makes Coosbay so captivating is the mystery. There is little or no information about them online. Their soundcloud account only currently has this song. Their face book only has three pictures and two of them are logos. The third is of a pysch inspired landscape. This lack of information is on one hand liberating as I know nothing about these people, assuming they are a band rather than a solo project, I can create my own fantasy band in my mind. But on the its also confining as after spending the duration of the song trying to work out who plays what, I still have no answers, and won’t until Coosbay reveal themselves a little bit more.


Part of me hopes they never do, as it’s so much more fun imagining what band look and act like, then being presented with the finished article. In a way this is why being a music fan in the early 1990’s was so much fun. MTV didn’t really exist in most homes and the only way to get to hear new music was either through friends or the radio. I remember how the day used to drag when an exclusive was going to be aired in the evening. I’d stay in my room all night, with a tape on rec/pause just so I wouldn’t miss the start of the song. Then I’d spend three minutes in bliss filled agony while it played. Was I recording it ok? Did I like it? Was it as good as the other songs I liked? Would anyone else at school have recorded it? Generally the answers were Yes, Maybe, No. The next day if anyone asked what you were listening to you could casually say, “Oh it’s the new XXXXX song. Its not even out yet”. Word would go round and for about fifteen minutes you’d be king.


Anyway I’ve digressed a bit, but the point remains. When you don’t know anything about who or what you are listening to it makes it slightly more personal, as there is nothing based on it other than your own opinion at the time. I know in due course Coosbay will release more music and eventually I’ll see pictures of them playing live, recording and generally sitting around. While this isn’t a bad thing I implore them to keep their identities secret, like a band full of super heroes. It’ll keep us guessing and wanting more, and ultimately isn’t that what you want?

















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