18/01/2016 – C Duncan-Pearly Dewdrops (2016)

C Duncan covers Cocteau Twins on new EP



2015 was a pretty good year for C Duncan, musically speaking. His debut album Architect was nominated for the Mercury Music prize, and received nigh on universal praise. After a brief break he’s now back with a new EP. This in itself would be cause for celebration, but one of the tracks is a cover of the Cocteau Twins. Yup, those Cocteau Twins. Better break out the good stuff.



The song in question is Pearly Dewdrops, taken from The Spangle Maker originally released 1984. From its opening moments Duncan wraps you up in a shimmering bubble, and bombards you with ethereal vocals until the bubble finally bursts in Pearly Dewdrops exquisite outro. But it isn’t just the vocals that blow your away, oh no, it’s also the composition and instrumentation. Pearly Dewdrops is a gentle maelstrom of layered guitars, swooney keyboards and muted drums. It all makes for a fascinating and bewitching listen.



As well as this delightful cover there are two new songs and a BBC 6Music Session included. Sadly the EP isn’t released until 19th February, but until then just sit back and bask in the beauty and elegance of this luxurious cover.

















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  1. I enjoy your posts, I’m learning about new artists that I’ve never heard of!

  2. Patricia said:

    That was an interesting song. I can sayI’ve ever heard of him before but I don’t listen to a lot of music these days.

    Visiting from Ultrablog

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