16/01/2015 – Plastic Animals-Ghosts (2016)

Plastic Animals look set to release the album of 2016!



Since 2006, well 2011 really, Edinburgh’s Plastic Animals have been making a wonderful noise, that incorporates indie, sludge, pop, motorik, prog and pop. Since their inception they’ve played countless gigs and have released a slew of singles that demonstrate their ability for melody as well their penchant distortion pedal.



Next month Plastic Animals release their debut album Picture From the Blackout through those good noisenicks Song, By Toad Records. Picture From the Blackout is forty five minutes of Radiohead, Broadcast and My Bloody Vaneltine along with a dollop of Can all mixed together, but with some of best compositions this side of 2015.



This is an album that looks set to be on loop until at least June, and if you’ve any sense you’ll do the same!

















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