13/01/2015 – Satellite Young-Don’t Graduate Senpai (2016)

Satellite Young show that J-Pop is alive and well in 2016!



There is something refreshingly simple about Japanese music. Firstly they don’t beat about the bush getting to the point. As soon as Satellite Young’s latest single Don’t Graduate Senpai starts you know exactly what will happen. Slick, well produced and catchy as hell! Secondly they aren’t abashed to show their influences and make the kind of music that like. The backing beat sounds like it has been lifted from a Stock, Aitken and Waterman track from the late 1980’s. While I can’t speak Japanese I imagine the lyrics are a twee ode to either a boy or relationship that is coming to an end, but the singer doesn’t want it to. I could be wrong, but the title does help add to this conclusion.



What is really fun about this single isn’t just the carefree fun unadulterated pop music, nor the intricate layers in the composition and production, but it’s the Hanna & Barbara-esque artwork that really gives Don’t Graduate Senpai a timeless quality. Looking at the cover you think “Well it sounds pretty 80’s, is this actually from the 80’s?” This is something I’ll never really know, but I don’t really care as the music is so good!



Ironically the B-Side is a karaoke version of Don’t Graduate Senpai. Through listening to it in its instrumental form, you can really start to pick out more of its elemental parts. The bass really works well with the drums and the keyboards/synths really bring it all together. If this is the quality of music coming out in 2016, we should be in store for a very good year!

















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