09/01/2016 – L/O/O/N-Dropping Faces (2015)

L/O/O/N looks set to release a powerful and dazzlingly delicate debut album



We’ve all had enough of two dimensional dance music. You know the type, over the top breakbeats, aggressively throbbing basslines, coupled with immense bass wobble and inane vocals. If you’ve had the misfortune to go out and end up in generic bar/club you would have heard enough of this music to last a life time. Norwegian producer Mikael Kanstad AKA L/O/O/N has definitely had enough of this thing and has decided to do something slightly different.



Coming from a hard rock/metal background L/O/O/N’s music feels like it has more ebb and flow to it that his peers. There is an element of space and movement that is sometimes missing form electronic music. Lead single Dropping Faces is a prime example of this. Opening with a wall of swaying synth and keyboards, an achingly simple vocal sample keeps us on our toes by popping up and giving us something immediate to grab hold to. The music is low tempo, borrowing more from hip-hip than house, but don’t let its laid back visage fool you, there is plenty going on just under the surface and what’s more its fun!



L/O/O/N, along with the Activia Benz label look set to be trying to change the conventions of what electronic/dance music can and should be in 2016. We will have to wait to see what L/O/O/N is really capable of, as his self-titled album is out in March 11th, but for now this is something to get excited about!

















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  1. Andrea said:

    They are pretty good. Thanks for sharing

  2. Martha said:

    Thanks for the music lesson, I usually listen to country but this audio clip was interesting.

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