08/01/2016 – Ducky-Spilt (2016)

Melodic chimes. Speeded up faux 2-Step beats. Glitchy production. Chopped up vocal samples. Woozy bass. These are all the things that make up a great Activia Benz track. Split but Ducky, the latest addition to the ilovesingles.club series, has all these things, and more.



Opening with the aforementioned chimes, before scattergun beats pepper the mix, turning it inside out and making delicately contorting melodies. Split appears not to be as hard hitting as previous Activia Benz tracks, but this is a misnomer. What it may lack in visceral muscle, it makes up for with intricate melodies and exquisitely built peaks.



As Ducky ratchets the tension through glitchy beats and wonky synth, a childlike chime starts to permeate, bringing order to the chaos. Vocal samples dance about until it starts to build toward a euphoric conclusion.



Is this the shape of things to come from Activia Benz in 2016? We can all hope so. 2015 showed that they were more than just an up and coming label that dished out free songs every once in a while. 2015 showed that they can do pretty much whatever they like. How many other labels put out tracksuits last year? Hardly any. Long may they continue to push the boundaries not only of music, but of fashion too!

















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