07/01/2016 – Youngstrr Joey-Afraid (2015)

Youngstrr Joey is ready to release his new album, but is the music buying public ready for Youngstrr Joey AKA?



Cal Donnelly Youngstrr Joey AKA is a unique talent. He album Grilled Wiig is in the can ready to go. At first you get the impression that Donnelly has wondered in off the street into a random studio and start to play whatever he can lay his hands on. As he does that he’s just singing anything that comes to mind until the aghast expression of the people in the studio make him wind it up quickly and then leg it. Left with these unusual, almost found tapes, the studio puts them online as there is something bewitching about them.



As I wasn’t at the recording sessions I don’t know what really happened, but after a few listens it becomes very apparent that Donnelly knows exactly what he is doing and everything has been meticulously planned in advance. The deftness on guitar is outstanding and his ability to reign his vocals in nothing short of exquisite. And what’s more, Afraid is really catchy too. So catchy that long after you’ve finished playing it, it’s still lodged in your brain. Slowly turning round and round until you feel the need to play it again, to make sure you didn’t make it up. In short he is a virtuoso not only of guitar, but singing and composition too.



Grilled Wiig is released on 12th February through Song, By Toad

















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