05/01/2016 – Public Memory-Ringleader (2016)

Public Memory has us right where he wants us. In his palm with our hands in our pockets



“This is my first time” Robert Toher AKA Public Memory swoony vocals utter during lead track Ringleader. If this is your first time at making music under the Public Memory guise we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!



Of course this isn’t Toher’s first time making music, he cut his teeth in the group ERAAS before deciding to try his hand at some solo productions. The results is far more electronic that ERAAS, but that’s not to say this new body work is without a human touch. This is the musical equivalent of Roy Batty in Blade Runner. It’s stark, detached, and clinical but underneath it all beats passion and brooding emotional content. Whether it would dream of electornic sheep is debatable, but it maybe jumping Korg’s or Moog’s at a push.



Sadly we’re going to have to wait until March 18th for the full album, Wuthering Drum, to be released. But we expect this to be the first of several tracks drip released before the full album drops. This is one ring leader definitely worth following!
















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  1. Thank you so much for the link – I am ALWAYS looking for new music, and I love this!

  2. Dark and haunting. I like, I like. You always bring me to new music, this one is especially intriguing. (and I did bookmark you! 🙂

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