03/01/2016 – Idiot Glee-I Don’t Feel Right (2016)

Kentucky resident Idiot Glee gets ready to unveil his lo-fi ballads to an expectant world



Right, Christmas is over, and hopefully paid for. New Year’s Eve is as distant a memory as January the 1st’s hangover and with the feel inducing prospect of work tomorrow getting closer and closer, we all things to look forward to. One these things should be the self-titled Idiot Glee album.



Idiot Glee is the musical nom de plume of James Friley. After a first listen, the glee doesn’t immediately jump out at you, but after repeat listens you start to find it in odd places. A melody here, poignant vocal there and after then suddenly you realise that you’ve played I Don’t Feel Right about thirty times you garn more enjoyment from it each time.



Friley has tapped into a rich American tradition of balladeers, but instead of coating the music in a spangly pop sheen he leaves it without that final gloss coat. Some might call this lazy song writing by not fully realising his ideas, but in fact what we are given is a perfect slice of lo-fi pop. You can see the songs individual parts moving and pulsating under Friley’s rich vocals, which at times sound like sounding like a strung out Ricky Nelson covering LCD Soundsystem after a heavy night out.














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