29/12/2015 Chas and Dave-Railroad Bill (2013)

Chas and Dave show they’re still the UK’s premier band



Last night I had the pleasure to watch Chas and Dave. To some Chas and Dave are a dirty word. To those people I question their whether this view is based on their own musical preferences, or peer pressure. Chas and Dave’s music contains an effervescence for life. If you play them on a good day, they make you feel a million times better, listen to them on a bad day and you’ll make you cry. And this isn’t counting their prowess as live musicians.



What makes their gigs such events, is the cross section of society that attend them. Its night on impossible to pigeonhole their fans. Pensioners are mixing with metallers. Football boys are rubbing shoulders with teachers from the university. Parents and their children look relaxed and at easy. It is a perfect microcosm of society, and how everyone should interact without prejudice or distinction.



But what strikes Chas and Dave apart from their peers, isn’t just their musicality, or the ethos that the music is for everyone and no one is excluded, but their ability to not only read the crowd, but pre-empt what they want to hear and feel next. Last night’s gig was a series of well crafted, and constructed peaks and valleys. Just when you thought what the next song would be, they pulled out a different classic from their almost perfect back catalogue. The final 20 minutes could possibly be this reviewers favourite 20 minutes of any set I’ve seen this year.



Oh and it was Chas’ birthday. What more could you want…?
















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  1. I think many people think “are these cool? Can I like them?” before making their own minds up.

    Who was it that said “Listen without prejudice?”

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