27/12/2015 – Carpainter-Seven Sisters (2015)

Activia Benz deliver the perfect antidote to Christmas Carols and turkey



Yesterday I was bemoaning the end of Art is Hard’s Hand Cut Record Club. As its Christmas I’ve been enjoying a self-imposed internet exile from the world, by just hanging out with my family and friends. So today, when I was looking at my feed for the last few days I stumbled across the latest addition to another singles club that has come to define my year.




For those of you who aren’t aware of Activa Benz’ ilovesingles.club, you are in for a treat. There is no time frame as when the songs are released. There is no set genre. There isn’t even a criteria for the artists that release music. They just have to be forward thinking with a sense of humour.



The latest artist to get involved with this epic saga is Carpainter. Seven Sisters start off all lurid and spacey, like a waking dream, then once the beat kicks in, its takes you on a journey through dancefloor culture in 2015, and gives a glimpse of what 2016 could hold. A simple vocal sample adds that all important hookworm that gets lodged in your head and makes you want to play it again!
















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