25/12/2015 – of Arrowe Hill-1915 (2015)

Of Arrowe Hill release the second part of their World War 1 theme EP



Last year was the one hundredth anniversary of the start of the First World War. A lot was made about this remembrance celebrations were held. London based musician Adam Easterbrook decided that he would celebrate this by announcing he would release a song for every year the war took place. 1914 was a song about being sent away, being separated from your friends and not knowing where you are going. These are themes that Easterbrook and oAH have written about before, but in the setting of a ‘war song’ they are devastatingly effective.



1915 however is a slightly different beast. Gone is the vinyl crackle and lone acoustic guitar that added the feeling that this was a field recording found by chance in an unlikely place, and while the song doesn’t have the connotations to war of 1914, it does fit in with the spirit of comradery that permeated the previous song. As this is an on-going project it will be interesting to see if a fuller story arc appears or if 1916-1918 end up being stand-alone track. Given what we know about Easterbrook’s perchant for the occult and supernatural let’s hope that one of them is a good old fashioned Christmas ghost story or something Machenian.
















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