22/12/2015 – of Arrowe Hill-Christmas Distance (2012)

“Everybody’s got a broken heart, to hang on the Christmas tree”



Christmas isn’t just about presents and peace on Earth. Sadly bad things happen at Christmas too. For one reason or another the Christmas period has a high percentage of break up’s. While this has never really been written about, Adam Easterbrook thought he’d have a stab at it on his 2012 break up album Love Letters, Hate Mail & the Haunted Self. The album is a revamping of Blood on the Tracks. While it was a difficult listen at times, it is, sadly, the most honest album Easterbrook has written and is the closest thing I’ve found that sums up going through a break up.



Christmas Distance was a hidden track after the final track Love Letter. This was a clever thing to do. If Easterbrook had done a Melanie, it would have been that track you immediately jump up to skip because it would sound out of place the majority of the year, but through putting it as a bonus track, after you’ve faffed about splitting them up using Audacity, you can select not to play it as part of the album/put it on you MP3 player. Which is a shame as Christmas Distance is an absolutely amazing song, that sums up Christmas when you’re not in the best frame of mind.



In classic Easterbrook fashion Christmas Distance is chockful of lines that make you laugh and cry. The standout line is “Everybody’s got a broken heart, to hang on the Christmas tree”, but “It’s a chance to remember, places and face that make up your life” and “I can’t see the lights for crying” come close though due to their emotional context. While this might not be the best Christmas to play at work or the office party, it is perfect for quiet contemplation about the full spectrum of Christmas.
















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