18/12/2015 – Oliver Wilde and E B U-Yuletide (2015)


Surprise Christmas collaboration between Oliver Wilde and E B U blows all other festive records away



In recent years there has been a spate of unlikely Christmas collaborations. For every Emmy and Great and Tim Wheeler, you get the musical equivalent of gift wrapped coal that is Tom Smith and Andy Burrows. This year Oliver Wilde has teamed up with fellow Bristolian E B U, but unlike Smith and Burrows, their offering is exquisite and sums up Christmas in five minutes.



As Wilde is known for his lo-fi psychedelic workouts and E B U is making a name for herself through releasing lurid indie pop gems, this is a perfect mixture of both musicians strengths. Instead of writing a cheesy song about presents and being excited, like Slade before them they’ve tapped into what Christmas actually feels like. It’s a big melancholic tender love story that has enough Christmas cheer for even the most cynical of us to get involved with, thanks to lines like “I’m all shaken up in your snow globe”.


















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