17/12/2015 – Working for a Nuclear Free City-Bottlerocket (2015)

Working for a Nuclear Free City make their long awaited return on Melodic in 2016….



Nine years ago I heard an album that had one foot in the past, but was forward thinking. It took and idea of the past, but mixed that ideal with modern production techniques and themes to create something that not only made you dance, but also think. The album was the self-titled debut from Working for a Nuclear Free City. The cover looked like an Eastern bloc event in the 1970’s and even better it didn’t give anything away to what was contain within. It was released just after Kasabian’s debut, and showed them up for the Oasis wannabe chancer they were. The in 2007 they released an unofficial follow up Businessmen and Ghosts that was more of the same, but a bit harder hitting. 2010 saw the release of the double album Jojo Burger Tempest and then they vanished. That is until now…



Bottlerocket is WFANFC back at their best. There is a baggy funk to it, while the guitars have a pranged out schizophrenia feel, coupled with cut up vocal samples at the beginning and the end all makes Bottlerocket sound like the most exciting song in recent memory. If this is their comeback track, imagine what the rest of the album will sound like? Luckily we don’t have long to wait as What Do People Do All Day is released through Melodic on February 5th.


















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