15/12/2015 – HOWES-Overveen (2015)

Manchester based John Howes AKA HOWES has announced his debut album will be released through Melodic, them who released the genius Working For A Nuclear Free City albums, on January 15th. Given HOWES’ track record for releasing ethereal electronic music that conjures up Warp’s golden age, along with pioneers from a truly analogue age, it’s hard to envisage how the full album will play out.



Luckily there are a few tracks floating in the ether, and while these are exquisite gems of free form electronica showcase HOWES ability to create something that is vibrant, full of movement, as well as having density of steam, will a long player of this kind of music work? Everyone at thisyearinmusic is thinking “Yes. Yes it will”.



Take lead single Overveen, for example. The beat and bass keep the song grounded, while chimes and synths dart in an out of the mix creating movement and texture, that envelopes the listener in an all-encompassing hazy foggy cocoon until its searing outro removes all the mist and you see the track for what it is. Five and a half minutes of pure filth. Let’s hope the rest of the album follows this pattern, for if it does, HOWES may have a race for album of the year on his young hands.
















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