14/12/2015 – Sennen-Autopilot (2015)

Sennen channel Douglas Coupland on new single



Whenever you hear that a band has based a classic novel or film for the inspiration to their latest single, alarm bells usually ring. While listening to the song, or album in question, you hear all these cringe inducing hackneyed references, that every rarely hit the mark. For once however it all appears to work. Sennen have taken inspiration for the lead track off their new album from Douglas Coupland’s 1998 novel Girlfriend in a Coma.



After an ethereal intro Autopilot starts tapping into the novels slow building narrative and vehemently passionate ending. Autopilot’s hypnotic rhythm pulls you this way and that until its peaks with a wall of sound that leaves you seeking solace in your tea for a few moments then you press play and dive heard first backing to the lurid soundscape. Lead singer Lawrence Holmes recently explained the song thus “You can cruise through life surrounded by aspirational nonsense wherever you turn, losing yourself and falling asleep indefinitely.” This is a theme that Coupland has regularly touched on, and Sennen really manage to translate it to music. We’ve all have MacJobs, hell some of us sadly still have them, and Autopilot is their perfect soundtrack. Even its name buys into Coupland’s scathing description of them. You don’t need to think to carry them off.



Part of the reason why Autopilot swells and grows so beautifully is it was produced Peter Kember AKA Sonic Boom, him of Spacemen 3/Spectrum fame. Kember has made a career of creating music that builds up to exquisite droney peaks, only to come thundering down on you a second later. Let’s hope that his involvement means their album First Light, is one of 2016’s early highlights!
















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