13/12/2015 – Loose Tapestries-Can’t Wait for Christmas (2015)

Christmas just got a little but surreal thanks to the Loose Tapestries



Right, we all know about Christmas songs and how they’re meant to be slightly melancholy, dripping with seasonal laments, and chocked full of lyrics that make you gag as much as they make you smile. The Loose Tapestries have decided to ignore this and, as they have written “a new kind of Christmas song”, in their own words.



But “”Who are the Loose Tapestries?” I can hear you ask. The answer is simple. Noel Fielding, him off the Mighty Boosh and Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian. They originally teamed up to write the music for Fielding’s Luxury Comedy TV show, but now they’ve written and released a Christmas song. As expected from Fielding things get a bit surreal “My wife’s a walnut, she’s a Christmas walnut” and “London town covered in snow. Which mistletoe. Ho ho ho”, but what really holds the song together is Pizzorno’s music. On Can’t Wait For Christmas, he’s created a song that doesn’t sound like his usual blend of dancey Oasis, but instead it taps into Christmas’ fun and playfulness, without sounding trite or cheesy. If this song played at any Christmas party, it would go down a treat! Oh yeah, Idris Elba is on it too. What more do you want? After hearing this I actually can’t wait for Christmas now. Cheers Loose Tapestries!
















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