12/12/2015 – ???-NO (2015)

Activia Benz​ have done it again by releasing another slice to skewed psych electronica. When will this golden period end? Hopefully never!  



Like !!!, it’s basically impossible to find anything about ????, the latest electronic deviant to be part of Activa Benz’ ilovesingles.club series. Part of NO’s charm is you’re unsure who ???? actually is. After one listen I’m convinced this is a side project by Slugabed. After another listen I think maybe it’s Mr. Yote. After even more listens I’m sure this is a collaboration between a whole slew of Activia Benz artists. Then after even more listen, thirty seven, I don’t care who made it, what their original point was or what it’s about, as it’s a total monster and a master class of fun.



Yes there are down sides to it. While it’s amazing how it chops and changes from genre, speed and texture, it does feel like its a few songs PVA glued together rather and a concise piece of music. This doesn’t really effect the overall enjoyment of it, but it does make you wonder how the song would have turned out if one of the sections had been removed and the others extended.



While NO is another example of why Activia Benz has a reputation for forward thinking electronic music, with its tongue firmly in its cheek, it does raise the question, when is this fantastic run of singles going to end? Hopefully never!
















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