11/12/2015 – Our Girl-Sleeper (2015)

Our Girl release new single on Brighton’s worst hidden secret Cannibal Hymns Records



The majority of end of year lists see journo’s waxing lyrical about their favourite album/song of the year or who they think will be the next big in the new year. 99% of these lists aren’t worth the pixels they’re printed on, or do their picks ever reach the truly monumental heights they are predicted. With what I’ve just said in mind, here is my pick of something you should keep an eye on in 2016, because if 2015 is anything to go by, they’ve only just got started. My pick is slightly different to my peers because I’ve picked a label to watch out for. “An label? That’s cheering thisyearinmusic. Narrow it down a bit mate!” While I take your point, the label in question is the Brighton based Cannibal Hymns Records.



So far this year they’ve released two singles and the third is released today. Their first release, not counting a label T-Shirt, was by Tigercub and it consisted of two posters that each came with a download. While this is nothing new, it does show that Cannibal Hymns are trying to do things differently. Luckily the music in question Destroy and You were massive slabs of heavy melodic rock, if you think Kyuss going pop you’re on the right tracks.





Then nothing happened for a while. When it comes to fledgling labels this doesn’t mean anything is wrong, they’re just plotting their next move. Their next release was by up and coming noisemakers Morning Smoke. This time Cannibal Hymns opted for the more traditional cassingle Soft Decay/How Does it Feel. Morning Smoke make the kind of music that you would have longed for as a teenager. Massive, slightly dour guitars, melancholic lyrics, but a great live force. Given this is their debut release, Cannibal Hymns have found a band that fit their vision and direction perfection.






Two singles down, two solid releases. Now on to the third. Today sees the release of Our Girl’s 7” single Sleeper. It’s a driven darkly melodic piece of music, that at first appears to have no in roads, but after repeat listens, you realise it’s chocked full of delightful hooks and clever lyrics. The flipside Level follows the same rules, but it doesn’t come across as intense and brooding. Instead it is immediately welcoming, like a roaring fire after a cold walk. You warm yourself in Soph Nathan’s bewitching vocals, while paying heed to her words. Like Morning Smoke Cannibal Hymns have found a band that match their ambition and desire.



Whether Cannibal Hymns will stick to being a singles label, or if they’ll branch out and dip their toes in the sea of long players will remain to be seen, but the indication is they’re only getting started with their plans of putting out forward thinking music by hungry musicians and ultimately world domination.
















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