08/12/2015 – Hunck-Never Had a Dream (2015)

Hunck have hinted at something that will get us through the despondency of a New Year



Hunck have had a pretty blinding year. First off they released heartbreakingly simple So Far, So Deep, which would be a high water mark in anyone’s year, then they played the Reading Festival, not a bad feet for any band, let alone an unsigned one with only a couple of releases to their name. After that they released I’ll Wait which consisted of a heavy dose of melody colliding with a lumbering beat and tongue in cheek existentialist lyrics. Now they’ve announced their next release the Never Had a Dream EP.



The title track is available for streaming on soundcloud, and everyone here at thisyearinmusic encourages you to do so, because it’s another slice to skewed pop brilliance. The intro sounds like a slower reimagined version of Pulp’s classic Sorted for E’s and Wizz. The lyrics are a mixture of So Far, So Deep and I’ll Wait. They are full of longing and remorse, but at the same time there is that spiked deprecating spirit that give Hunck’s songs an edge over their peers.



The thought of this release is enough going to be enough to get us all through the malaise that always haunts a new year, and given Hunck’s track record they’ve probably got the song of the year, just nestled as track three!
















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