03/12/2015 – Chastity-You’re Scary Now (2015)

Ontario Whitby’s Chastity are starting to feel like the real deal. 2016 could be very, very loud…




Sounding like a hardcore version of Faith No More, Chastity know when to thrash about and when to slow things down. Williams and co cut an impressive figure live too. Setting up his mic stand in the crowd, instead of on stage with the band, Williams immediately breaks the boundaries between band and crowd, between US and THEM. “You’re either with us or against us” is the message, and after their set finishes they generally have more followers than before. Chastity get everyone’s attention when they perform and make sure they’re remembered long after the gig finishes, through stop/start chugging guitars and clever lyrics.



TAPE begins with a lackadaisical guitar riff before the rest of the band, and Williams, join in for something that has a sludgey early shoegazing vide to it. Spherical riffs, driving bass, behemothic drumming swirl around Williams’ vocals, which appear to drift through the while piece. Manning Hill and Saliva showcase more what Chastity’s live set is like. Frenetic energy washing over you, as the tension is ratchetted up through an intensively repetitive guitar work and unrelenting drumming. William’s barky vocals cut through the maelstroms and his message leaves little to the imagination. Nevermind, Lucifer is a slower number where Williams’ vocals take on a lurid feel and heavily delayed guitar adds and emotional level that has been missing from the previous three tracks. Through dextrous playing and subtle finger picking, Nevermind, Lucifer ends the EP on an un expected note, and shows that Chastity aren’t just about fast paced stompers, they have a delicate and reflective side too.



Chastity’s music sits in that special place where lo-fi production, emotional intensity, tight musicianship and good old fashioned song-writing gel to produce something incredibly exciting. Yes we’ve heard it all before, but we haven’t heard it this good for a while.
















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  1. kleebanks said:

    Another I’ve never heard of – but I like what you said about how they interact with their audience. Always enjoy good guitar music.

  2. Barbara said:

    Wow, that must be so exciting for the fans to have the mic right in the crowd. Audiences always love that because it’s so unexpected.

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