30/11/2015 – Abi Wade-Charade (2013)

Abi Wade. Cello. Box Voice. That’s it, but simplicity is the mother of invention.



This weekend I had the privilege in witnessing Abi Wade perform, as part of the Mutations Festival in Brighton. Her set was a standout set, in a weekend of standout sets. The setting, All Saints Church Hove, added to the monumental emotional content she produced through the juxtaposition of her soaring voice, glitchy electronic music and cello, plucked, banged and strummed, means that you are unsure what you’re going to hear next. Through minimalism production Wade manages to create sonic soundscapes that captivate as well as dominate your senses.




Sounding like a more abstract Sasha Siem, not a band thing, Wade’s set was concise and showcased not just her prolific playing, but also her skill for composition. During a few songs she was joined by the multi-instrumentalist Eliza Jaye on violin. These collaborations really helped give the music a depth that had only been hinted at before. While Wade’s music isn’t to everyone tastes, I implore you to search out this very talented and touching artist and try and experience the wonderment that made her set so very, very special.
















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