27/11/2015 – Me and My Drummer-Blue Splinter View (2015)

“Kittens like you, they always land on their feet” another life lesson from Me and My Drummer



The same thing happens every year. Just as you’ve written you end of year list in pencil, something comes out and throws a spanner in the work. This year’s spanner, no offence meant, takes the shape of Me and My Drummer. They have waited until the 9th, or 10th hour, it’s not quite the 11th hour just yet, to release a new single/video, Blue Splinter View. While this should ruffle that many feathers, it has now made me make a ball of my previous list and three pointed it, into the nearest bin. While I’m scratching my head I’m going to need some working music, luckily, Me and My Drummer have the perfect soundtrack.


A lackadaisical guitar opens the song, while strings dripping in melancholy regret and longing fill in the gaps until Charlotte Brandi’s vocal ooze from the speakers with a beautiful country drawl, until the explosive chorus when she shows what she can do. Then the laidback vibe permeates, but the threat of violence, musically speaking, lingers and you’re on tenterhooks until it erupts again with that glorious chorus.



Basically this is the sound of Lana Del Rey and Flo Welch duetting with M. Ward producing while he uses an Ouija board to ask Lee Hazlewood for advice and tips. Blue Splinter View is seeping in retro analogue charm, while at the same time sounding current and ever so 2015, thanks to its cryptic poetic lyrics, the stand out of which is crooned by Brandi “Kittens like you, they always land on their feet”. It’s this juxtaposition of old and new that make Blue Splinter View such a delight to listen to and watch.



Like a lot of their peers Me and My Drummer are releasing a new album, Love is Fridge, in 2016 on Sinnbus, let’s hope it hits the same mark that Blue Splinter View has, because if it does, this could be a very special album in deed. Now back to my list. This time do I start at the top and work down or the bottom and work up….
















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