26/11/2015 – The Album Leaf-New Soul (2015)

The Album Leaf end 2015 in style!



The Album Leaf have been around releasing music since 1999. All that time they’ve released albums that mesh stark opaque electronic music, with heartfelt lyrics, hell 2010’s A Chorus of Storyteller, released on Sub Pop was one of the stand out albums of the year, as it was a sublime record full of innovative moments and clever melodies. It now appears that Jimmy LaValle has now up his game and it ready for world domination is the single New Soul, released earlier in the year, is anything to go by.



Opening with what sounds like reversed low tempo beats, it slowly builds using melancholic piano and echoey vocals to create a feeling of longing and loss. As the song progresses the tension is ratchetted by swirling background synths and an uplifting chorus of “There is a way to come home, there is a way to come back”. As the final notes slowly fade out you realise that the LaValle has finally found the perfect mixture of warming post-pop lyrics and cold electronic music that he’s strived to create his career. The rumour is that a new album is ready to go next year and it all sounds as wonderful as this. Another reason to get excited about 2016.



It this wasn’t enough they’re currently finishing off a UK tour that ends with a performance at All Tomorrow’s Parties Nightmare Before Christmas in Prestatyn North Wales this weekend, alongside out favourite experimental savant MXLX. These are two reason that you, if you are free and in the area, should go, as the rest of the line-up is balls crazy!
















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  1. amybovai said:

    Hi Nick,
    It’s pretty amazing how electronic synthesizers can pave the way for lyrics to emote the favored feeling for any particular song, in this case longing and loss. I liked the first few notes I heard!

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