24/11/2015 – Bloodhounds on my Trail-Dreamless (2015)

Bloodhounds on my Trail make us all wish is was 1990 again


Bloodhounds on my Trail make the kind of music that a few years would have been laughed at, now, thanks to the re-emergence of Shoegazing, and music drenched in languor, it’s acceptable to have a bowl cut hair do, wear loose fitting jumpers and generally look a bit forlorn.



Sounding like a lurid swoony dream you never want to wake up from, the Escape II EP never really gets out of second gear. This is perfectly fine, as anything in a higher tempo would ruin the aesthetic they’ve created. Monumental bass surges in the back ground while a whole host of delay, distortion and reverb pedals help create incandescent soundscapes that from the opening whoosh of Dreamless to She’s in my Plans’ outro, help remove you from modernity’s problems and woes, and, not to sound to flippant, give you time to escape until you’re tugged back. Ummagma’s remix of Jolly really ramps up the ethereal essence of Bloodhounds on my Trail, while never losing sight of what they’re about and that tangible beat that keeps everything grounded.



While this isn’t anything new or particularly ground breaking, that’s fine as it doesn’t need to be. If we wanted something like that, we’d play classic Ride or My Bloody Valentine, Escape II does have enough going on to firstly get Bloodhounds on my Trail’s message across and to make us long for it to be 1990 again, just so we could live through the scene again.















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