20/11/2015 – Slugabed-hhhhowllll (2015)

Activia Benz honcho Slugabed shows how it’s done, with latest ilovesingles.club release



Slugabed AKA Gregory Feldwick is a busy man. When not busy playing DJ sets around the world and coordinating Activia Benz, he makes skewed glitchy forward thinking slabs of music that contain elements of R&B, pop, Hip-Hop, electronica and dollops of fun. Like Activia Benz, he’s hard to categorise. He’s not returned with the latest edition of the ilovesingles.club saga, that everyone here at thisyearinmusic hopes never ends!



What strikes you initially about hhhowllll is how carefree and effortless it all sounds. Deep basslines rub shoulders with conga rhythms, which appear to be played on pots and pans, trademark woozy synths have a back and forth with panpipes all the while backup by driving breakbeats and a slightly comical wolf howl. Imagine White Fang on the piss. This is another strong release from Feldwick, and it showcases his deft mastery of melody and rhythm perfectly.



Running a label must be hard, especially when you are as talented as Feldwick, but there must be a time when “The Boss” has to get involved and show everyone how it’s done. At times it sounds like early Aphex Twin covering fairground waltzer music, but less Scally and more bassy. As an individual track it works exceedingly well, as that old gimmer Kipling would say, but played in context with the other ilovesinges.club releases it fits in well and shows the depth of the series. Hhhhowllll is filled with a playfulness that bellies a well-crafted and serious song. It’s been three years since Feldwick released his debut album Time Team on Ninja Tune, so let’s hope he’s set aside some time to focus on its follow up, while we’re howling for more.
















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