17/11/2015 – VHVL-Ithrgy (2015)

Is it better to follow someone as, to quote War of the Worlds “as someone with a microscope studies creatures, that swarm and multiply in a drop of water” or liking a musician, remembering their name and when they release something getting excited? This is a long running dilemma I’ve always had. While it’s fun to be totally into a band, it’s annoying when they don’t release stuff that often. Sadly as the world of updates and social media, you don’t have to pay attention, as diligently as you once did, as long as you liked and followed someone, they’ll come to you.



This very thing happened last week. I was checking my emails and I was informed that VHVL had released a new song. To most people this would have been another slice of modernity to smile at briefly before moving on to the next thing, I reacted the only way I know how, through getting very excited. For the past couple of years I’ve followed VHVL’s career through lo-fi productions, split releases and now a debut EP. Which each subsequent release I’ve fallen more and more under VHVL’s charm. While I always wanted a deluge of songs, I realised long ago that less is more. Now it appears that this drip effect is paying off, as VHVL has released their strongest song to date. Ithrgy.



What makes this song so intoxicating, is that on a first listen it sounds like two things are happening independently of each other. There is an ethereal synth part in the back ground that appears to have no connection to a snafu-esque beat in foreground. However after repeated listens you realise that the two are very much connected, in a symbiotic way. With In essence this is what VHVL has always been about, but never showed this level of cohesion. Swells of euphoria wash over you as the whole piece is driven was insightful rhythmic juttering, almost stuttering beats and blips. It’s all a clever juxtaposition of ambient noise and glitch subterfuge. January maker her debut EP for Yellow Year Records, and if this is anything to go by, January will definitely be something to look forward to!
















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