13/11/2015 – Doe-Susanne (2015)

Are you feeling lucky today? Art is Hard and Doe certainly are!


Is this timing, freaky coincidence, bit of luck or generally a good joke? Those quality people at Art is Hard have released the 13th instalment of their incredibly faultless Hand Cut Record Club on Friday 13th. Instead of a cover of the Theme from Friday 13th, or a version of Camp Crystal Lake’s song, they’ve opted for something much better, and safer. A cover of Weezer’s monster track Susanne. What’s more they’ve roped in Doe to cover it.



Covers are always tricky as you want to put your own stamp on it, while staying true to the original, if you’re just going to do a sound-a-like cover, why bother? Luckily Doe have managed to keep to the original but through having Boy/Girl lead vocals it sounds different enough to make it their own, but they haven’t veered off too far from the original to make it unrecognisable. Susanne still conjures up memories of summer holidays, all day riding our bikes and walking through fields and playing by the railway tracks, until we finally found Ray Brower’s body, oh wait, that was the plot of Stand By Me. But this song does still remind me of teenage house parties where Weezer, Green Day, Offspring the first Prodigy and Method Man albums reigned supreme.



This is a match made in heaven, or hell, depending on your views on today, and this version. Doe are one of many bands on the cusp of great things, and their rumoured debut album next yes is definitely something to look forward to, and Art is Hard, well, what can you say about them that hasn’t already been said? Yet again they have pushed the boat out with another solid and lest hope, seemingly unending Hand Cut Record Club series. Give yourself a bit of good fortune today and pick up this gem of a single before they all sell out!
















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  1. This was really awesome! I am so weird with my music, some I love some I don;t but this one is on my like list 🙂

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