10/11/2015 – Cheaters-White Noise (2015)

Cheaters return with a hard hitting slab of Euro Dance Pop



It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Amsterdam’s Cheaters. Last time they were offering up a hefty slice of skewed Euro-Sex-Pop, not they’ve returned with something far denser and abrasive, new single White Noise.



Given the title you’d be forgiven for expecting something that is punishing and nigh on unlistenable, what White Noise however is something between the two. Opening like Caribou’s classic Sun, it carries on with this motif until an unrelenting beat that could only have been created through massive exposure to Holland’s techno scene then partly shouted partly delicate vocals kick in and what you’re left with is, as my friend in the scene call, a banger.



Cheaters have really ramped this up for this, and the rumoured album that is also in the pipeline. The only real downside is that it might put off original fans due to the sudden change in direction. Saying that Cheaters were never about ballads, so in a way this is a logical progression in their sound. One massive downside to White Noise is the video. It screams 6th form video project, or try hard art instillation piece. Neither of which really work with the music.
















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