09/11/2015 – The Japanese House-Clean (2015)

Post-Pop just got even more skewed thanks to Japanese House’s new EP Clean



The Japanese House is the brainchild of London based producer Amber Bain. Musically it fuses post-pop, experimental electronica, future soul and classic bubble gum pop. Whilst listening to latest EP, at first you drawn into the world that Bain has created. It’s all so luscious and ethereal. You can’t quite put your finger on what’s going on, but you know that you quite like it. Everything swells around you, in a skewed glitchy sort of way, while manipulated and layered vocals wash over you. Only after a few listens to you realise how complex and intricate it all is.



Title track Clean opens with a chiming loop, before Bain’s trademark manipulated vocals kick in and break over us. The tempo stays the same, laid back, but the beats keep popping and snapping, giving everything a feeling of movement and flux. Cool Blue opens with never-ending guitar riff that loops and layers itself to the Nth degree. After a minute this has mutated from its minimal post-pop beginnings to sounding like Imogen Heap on mescaline covering Tears for Fears’ classic Everybody Wants to Rule the World. This is the standout track on the EP due to its merging of familiar and current sounds to create something new and vibrant. The remaining two tracks Letter by the Water and Sugar Pill follow this formula of constantly layering the same sounds over each other to create hypnotic and insightful music that takes you back to your past, but also shows you a glimpse of your future.



From her initial hype Bain is starting to show us that she’s not only worthy of it, but she might be able to surpass it. Her next releases will be crucial though, on them she will have to not only equal what she’s already released, Pools to Bathe In and Clean EPs, but surpass them sonically and through imaginative and emotive lyrics. Chances are she will, as she has done so far. Either way it’ll be exciting for us listeners to find out, as going on the strength of these original EPs there are plenty of ideas and themes still left untapped to Bain.

















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  1. amybovai said:

    Hi Nick,
    Interesting fusion! The 30-second clip wasn’t available in the US. I have encountered that before. A shame with other music. As always, loved how well you were able to describe this group’s strengths.

  2. Barbara said:

    Catchy. I’m sure she does have more still left untapped as you say. 🙂

  3. I have to say I really really enjoyed this one! I had to manually look for the song on spotify as it wouldn’t load with the player on the page, just a heads up.

  4. Leisel said:

    Oh wow, this is actually legitimately pretty cool. Gonna be playing this to help me fall asleep, it’s been a long hard day.

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