06/11/2015 – Husband Material-Talk Too Much (2015)

Husband Material end the year on a massive high, even if they do talk way too much



Right let’s keep this short, as no one wants to read a waffly piece. Basically, as everyone at thisyearinmusic sees it Husband Material are one of the best new bands around today. Let’s all all the good bands were in a Premier League type setting, at the end of the musical season, not sure when it would run from to be honest but bear with for a second, they would definitely be qualifying for the musical equivalent of the Champions League. Now considering I don’t know when the musical league will run from and to, I have no idea what the rule for the musical Champions League is, but I do know that Husband Material would be in it.



If you needed any more proof then just listen to the first offering from their new double A-Side single Talk Too Much, released by those good people at Super Fan 99. It’s another slice of anorak pop, the band’s words not mine, revolving around the idea of thinking and talking too much. This is something I know we’re all guilty, especially those of us who love to try and work out what things that aren’t said mean, and what things are said don’t mean. See I’m doing it again. In a nut shell, Talk Too Much could easily be our unofficial soundtrack. Musically it’s everything we’ve come to expect from this pop loving quartet. The melodies are catchy, the chorus is simple yet brain cloggingly infectious and the composition is a joy to listen!



2016 is shaping up to be a year when a lot of bands will be releasing their debut albums, and rumour has it Husband Material might be one of them. As it stands they’ve already qualified for the musical Champions League, will the release of their debut hand them the title? Time will tell I guess, but I think I’ve talked for long enough, let’s let the music do the talking, as it always should.
















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  1. Barbara said:

    Good choice, Nick. Time will tell. 🙂

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