05/11/2015 – The Emperors of Ice Cream-Picture Pout (2015)

Brighton rockers raise the bar with new 7” single



The Emperors of Ice Cream are that band that comes around every so often. They represent the tradition of musicians that don’t really care what’s going on, they’re just doing what they want because they have to. Not content with playing blistering live sets, they decided to dip their foot in the water of crowd funding. The response was overwhelming and they managed to cadge some studio time and the Picture Pout/Small Time Hero 7” was born.



Picture Pout opens with a shudder of guitars, bass and drums. Sounding like a ramshackle pub band in a ramshackle pub, it throbs and pulses with passion, fun and inventiveness. Imagine Cockney Rebel playing Ian Dury covers whilst necking pints of the pubs home brew. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not implying TEoIC are a shambling mess, far from it. Picture Pout is a coherent and cohesive slab of forward thinking alternative rock. But the music isn’t the main event though, it’s the lyrics. Lines like “They say they’ve seen the state of me, that I can’t buy a victory” and “Seven years of the two of us, Now there’s not enough Malice and too much trust” which is possibly my favourite lyric of the year thus far!



The B-Side Small Time Hero is an ode to standing up to big business, the government and anyone who is money grabbing and how we should all try and live like hippies for a bit, as the hunt for money is overrated and, well, a bit evil. Again the lyrics are the main event “If only we could be like puppets on kids TV, Just trying to make everybody happy. Fuck the greedy bastards and their love of fucking money, then we could live in a hippy dream” sums it all up perfectly. Not bad for a two and an half minute pop song right?



The Picture Pout/Small Time Hero 7” showcases not only The Emperors of Ice Cream’s ability at composition, but also their tongue in cheek world view. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on next year, as they have the talent and gumption to create something remarkable, unless they melt under their own weighty ideas.
















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  1. That has to be the very best name for a group. I’m not sure I’ve heard a better name, so that alone would make me want to learn more!

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