04/11/2015 – Saint Sister-Castles (2015)

Irish folk duo Saint Sister show off not only their haunting vocals on new song



Saint Sister are made up of Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre. Formed in Ireland in 2014 after being frustrated at the limitations of being solo artists, the two team up and created music that stems from the Celtic folk tradition, exquisite harmonies and electric harp, combined with modern glitchy electronica. This fusing of the old and new is exemplified on new track Castles.



The backbone of the song is a story about a normal family and their trials, tribulations, loves and losses. Nothing new here, folk is full of such songs, what sets Castles apart is, through deft composition and production, everything is slowly built up, until the end when everything is played at once, harp intermixes with rhythmic drumming, synth loops, delicate piano all help add to the emotion of Doherty and MacIntyre’s vocals.



Sounding somewhere between Sinead O’Connor and Joan Baez being produced by Digitonal, Doherty and MacIntyre fuse the traditions of great storytelling, exquisitely breath taking vocal clarity and contemporary production to make something that perfect to have on in the background, but when you sit down to listen to it, you find more than you bargained for. Castles, along with recent songs Madrid and Blood Moon make up the Mardid EP, which is released 13th November on Trout Records.
















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